Review of Samsung’s Chromebook (XE 303)

John bought a Chromebook to test it out. Let’s find out what he thinks about Chromebooks and Google Chrome OS in general. We will examine some of the serious PROS and CONS of Google Chrome OS according to John’s perspective.
From the beginning, Google has been known to have the simplest but most powerful products – from Youtube,Android to Google+, apart from their ubiquitous Search engine.
But has the tradition descended into Chrome OS or they gave up a lot of functions for the sake of simplicity ? Let’s find out.
Google has promised that Chrome OS would be simple, easy to use and no-nonsense OS. And it is. You can boot it in less than 10 secs , it shuts down quickly, has a fast and fantastic browser , a file manager, music/video player, you can change wallpapers and also has offline Google docs/Gmail editing. 
But the trouble starts as soon as you go offline. Yes you can, even today. It is of not much use when offline. A typical OS is expected by our typical folks to be useful offline. And it makes sense. You may NOT have a WI-FI connection while commuting, in places where they don’t provide free WI-FI, you spilled coke on your router(John did) and the list goes on.
Another issue with our guy is the ABSENCE of a regular hard drive. Yes you don’t have a typical hard drive on this device. Google claims you don’t need it (as it gives 100 GB FREE space on Google cloud for chromebook buyers).The selling points of a Chromebook is a cloud notebook where everything can be stored on cloud(like your inbox).But will you store your entire DVD collection online and use superfast internet to buffer it or store it on your system and enjoy it wherever you are. John loves the second option.Me too. Although internal storage of 16 GB eMMC is provided with an option to add SD card/USB drives, it doesn’t seem practical.
Basically what Google guys sold you was some kind of a terminal to access everything but Google. It is fast, cheap, boots up quickly but cannot be used as a full-fledged workhorse. It doesn’t hurt to add a full featured office suite or an option to edit Microsoft office files(more on that later). After all, guys still love Windows. And it should be appreciated.
You can view/edit mails, can ONLY create/edit Google doc files (our Microsoft Office extensions like .docx,.pptx can only be viewed NOT edited). This gives a SERIOUS limitation to these devices coming from Microsoft Ecosystem.
But the selling points are equally strong. Strong, lightweight devices with all day long battery life and utmost simplicity without the hassles of installation and upgradation of softwares, Antivirus,etc. without the world of viruses(not as much as in Windows)
There is a philosophy behind these devices. Everything we use now – Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, etc. we are already using the power of cloud. Not to forget the epic MMORPG games like WOW. So it shouldn’t hurt if we move our entire OS to cloud. John loved this concept but it couldn’t convince him to carry a notebook which cannot be used other than basic surfing, chatting, etc.
Finally, I think that cloud is inevitably our future. 
          Is   cloud   computers    useful =  OF  COURSE
 Can they be better than Chrome OS = DEFINITELY !
In the end, it all depends on what YOU want. If you mostly want browse the web with few document editing, it is an excellent device. But if you have to do specific tasks like Photoshop, programming, etc. along with a powerful hardware, you should look for something else !
Thanks for reading !